Freedom in a Post Pandemic World

Vipin Labroo
1 min readJul 9, 2021


Freedom from fear

The pandemic has been around long enough

To make me a survivor that’s tough

Some have had it very rough

While others have suffered silent and gruff

I have learned that life is very short indeed

You can die anytime with unseemly speed

But that was always the case with life

We never noticed it because there wasn’t any strife

Life was always fleeting and running away

Only you thought it was here to stay

Now that you know that your time may be up in a moment

You can stop being so indolent

Every moment of your life is a treasure

That has absolutely no measure

Live every moment like it is your last one

Enjoy, savour and have fun

Feel free to live and savour the sun

Never ever be again glum

You have been spared the gift of life

On you is shining God’s light



Vipin Labroo

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